ROUND WINDOW contemporary home objects lab, founded in 2023.

"The 'Window' is the soulful element in a space. ROUND WINDOW, like a beam of sunlight shining in from outside the window into the darkness, aims to provide products that illuminate the entire space. This was the original intention behind the brand's establishment. Visual designer Chenkai's creative language comes from daily observations of shapes, which are then simplified to explore more possibilities using ordinary lines. The focus is on redefining elements such as color, structure, and materials before creating."

ROUND WINDOW chooses to collaborate with local traditional factories, not only to convey new ideas but also to foster a dialogue on craftsmanship. Throughout the production process, extensive research is conducted on materials and processing techniques. Each detail is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, and the entire manufacturing is done in Taiwan. We believe that home decorations are not just consumable products, but rather artistic expressions that represent personal taste and can withstand the test of time, making them worthy investments and collectibles.

About the Desinger

Chenkai Chang (b.1997) resides in Taipei, Taiwan. He graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts in 2020 with a major in Visual Communication Design. In addition to graphic design, he is also involved in set design and the creation of painting art. In 2023, he established the ROUND WINDOW Studio to continue his creative work, focusing on researching three-dimensional modeling and home decor.

ROUND WINDOW 當代居家產品工作室成立於2023年。

ROUND WINDOW 如同黑暗中窗外灑進的一縷陽光,提供點亮整個空間的家飾品是品牌創立的初衷。視覺藝術家朕愷的設計語言,來自日常對造型的觀察並將其簡化,以平凡的線條組成更多的可能性,並專注於色彩、結構、材質等元素重新定義再進行創造。

ROUND WINDOW 選擇與在地傳統工廠合作,傳遞新思想的同時也注重工藝上的交流,與工匠雕琢每一個細節,並全程於台灣生產。我們相信家飾不只是件消耗用品,而是能夠經得起時間的考驗、同時也代表個人生活品味的展現,是值得投資與收藏的藝術品。


朕愷(生於1997年)居住於台灣台北,他於2020年畢業於台灣藝術大學,主修視覺傳達設計學系。除了平面設計,他也投身於陳列和繪畫藝術創作。在2023年,成立了ROUND WINDOW工作室,繼續以研究立體造型、居家物件的角色持續創作。