How long does it take to order products?
Products are made to order, with a production time ranging from 4 to 6 weeks. This duration may vary depending on the specific product. If a product is completed ahead of schedule, we will promptly contact you and arrange for delivery. Please make sure to consider the production period before placing an order.

Do you support worldwide shipping?
We offer international shipping, and shipping fees will vary depending on each region. For more details, please refer to Shipping+Returns.

How do I care for the product?
For everyday cleaning, use a soft dry cloth. Do not spray water on exposed wires to avoid malfunctions. Stainless steel is naturally resilient, so avoid applying excessive pressure or pulling, except for regular use, to prevent deformation. Over time, the surface may develop minor scratches, creating a unique personal texture.


我們提供國際寄送,依照每個地區將產生不同的運費,詳細請參考 Shipping+Returns